Family Fun

There is nothing more awesome than family.

Where there is fun, laughter, love and connection, there is home. The entire time I was with this amazing family, it was like I wasn’t there (which is what I strive to accomplish at a session). They laughed and played and snuggled – using the time to slow down and just enjoy each other. Like Deanna said, this was the only time on their calendar that wasn’t booked solid with activities so they took full advantage of the time together.

My favorites are by far the images that scream from the rooftops that two people fell in love and created a family. I don’t believe there is one universal secret for staying in love, but I do believe there are general guidelines that make us more likely to succeed at it. I think we could all get behind one of Deanna’s. “I originally fell in love with him because I could see a life full of adventure with him.  I remain in love with him because not only does he keep me safe while on our adventure he pushes me to challenge myself in my own life.” Know why you fell in love, remember why you fell in love, and fall in love in new ways all the time. Our lives change. We change. We were made capable of lifelong love and given seasons of life to grow together and continually fall in love with each other.

Grab some hot cocoa and soak in a story that was written all because two people fell in love, and stay in love.

Happy anniversary Deanna and Brian. Ten years of adventure!!! Here’s to many, many more! xo

storyboard 1

storyboard 2a


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