Crazy Love

“I knew I wanted you the first time I saw you walk by
That I need you forever when your eyes met mine
I loved you the first time I heard you speak my name
You’d be the beauty in my life, always.”

Lyrics from “Crazy” by Stars Go Dim

If ever a relationship inspired a song, it’s these two and that song. Jordan was a part of my life before Leah, we lost touch, and when we met again, Leah was Jordan’s wife. I instantly loved Leah and we are building a lovely friendship that has been a beautiful spot in my life. Leah is inspirational and exudes love and happiness, Jordan is an amazing soul that thrives on his and Leah’s love. Their children are incredible with more personality than is fair for two children to have – and as parents they support and encourage like no other. I’m campaigning for an arranged marriage so that at least one of my boys will be a part of such an amazing family – as far as in laws go 😉 Kidding! But if it happened …

You’ll see little snippets of their love in these photos, and read some of the sweetest words said by two people in love.

Here’s a little bit about how they met:

“We met while working together at a summer camp.  We liked each other instantly but were both in other relationships so we had to wait quite awhile before we could be together.  When we finally became ‘a couple’ we knew we wanted it to be forever.  He could have asked me to marry him on our very first date and I would have confidently said yes.  Looking back now it’s amazing that we both experienced crazy twists and turns bringing us to the same place that summer.  It’s like that saying ‘a million different choices have led you to this moment…you are simply where you are meant to be.’  We never could have guessed that a wonderful marriage, two gorgeous daughters, and a life full of adventures would come from accepting a summer job.”

And just because I can’t stand how much smarter Leah is than me, and how she already has things figured out that I still struggle with, I’ll leave with her wise learnings on being married:

“Oh my, I learn something new every day!  I guess the most important thing that I learned is to ignore all of the rules and focus on each other.  It’s not important who is right or who is wrong, who apologizes first, who works harder, who fails or who succeeds.  It just matters that we are together and we have committed to always put our relationships ahead of everything, including ourselves.  We have been through lots of good times and lots of bad times, but we keep getting stronger and stronger, together.”

And if you want to see their love story to music, here’s a rough and raw little sneak peek video I made for them.

Much love,


Let’s go back to the days when the sun beat warm on our faces and we could walk barefoot in the sand and view a little session from the end of summer. I’m catching up on a few posts – give a girl a break 😉





















2 thoughts on “Crazy Love

  1. Thank you for sharing their story! i love how you tell stories and using their words just makes the photos that much more impactful… you most definitely captured their love for each other! The video was amazing too. Loverly!!!

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