Welcome, Nugget

You wait nine long months to meet your baby, but you can still never imagine the insane amount of love you have for them, or what they will look like, or how you will feel the first time you old him. But one thing is for sure, it’s always worth the wait. Nugget sent mama on a roller coaster ride while he made his way here, and mama definitely has plenty of  “do you know what I went through’s” to use appropriately through out his life. There is no question, though, that this little dude is loved beyond his wildest dreams. Welcome Cash – you have forever changed your mama and daddy’s life for the better.

My favorite part of hospital sessions is just capturing those little details that you unfortunately all to quickly forget – how even the smallest shirts are too big, how wrinkly newborn skin can be, how they look while in the hospital because they change the second they enter your home, or just simply to bring the mama’s back to the hours after the ride. So many emotions in such a quick span of time.

Cash, my love, here’s to many more roller coaster rides and giving your mama and daddy anxiety. I love you dude. xo

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