Baby Cash

BABY FEVER!!! My dear friend had her sweet baby boy , Cash, on Mother’s Day and has been in new mommy mode for three weeks now! I love how she always looks at him and says “I can’t believe you are here. I can’t believe you are ours.” And so begins a lifetime of the same thoughts and feelings. New mommy worries never really go away and  neither does the need to let your baby know how fiercely they are loved.

I love watching how much babies change from the day they are born during the first few months especially, but it is truly bittersweet.  Fight the urge to “do things” and just be with baby, because babies don’t keep.

As for the crazy love my kiddos have for this baby, I’ll let you know that they have hovered over my shoulder during the editing and have said no short of 100 times, “he’s sooooo cute mommy” and “we just love baby Cash.” Yes, my loves, he is definitely cute and definitely loved.




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