I needed a creative charge. She was a willing muse. My mission was to capture her the way I, and countless others, actually see her. To get her to cast her personal demons aside and feel free, feel beautiful, to see her fierceness like everyone else does. To have her stop and ask “is this me?” and know the answer is “hell yes, it’s me”. To have documented proof that she gives the demons too much space and priority, that they could be quieted and eventually disposed of if she let them. To spend time not thinking about what anyone else thinks and only giving me what I needed for an hour on a Friday night, letting me drag her here and there because the light is great and the walls are awesome. Because I’m her friend and I needed a creative outlet. Because giving of herself is one of her many beautiful attributes. Because hell yes, she’s beautiful inside and out and it’s time she starts to believe it.

I could spend every Friday night taking each one of my friends out to do this and I would have this overwhelming sense of peace because each one of them is so insanely beautiful, fighting their own demons and it’s time to kick them out.
























2 thoughts on “BeYOUtiful

  1. Fran, these images are just…amazing! What a gorgeous friend you have and I hope that she can see how wonderful she is through your lens.

    Well done, my friend.

  2. Fran… I adore you. I mean… I love you. I saw this post on your instagram feed because I went over to it before putting my cleaning gloves on and rinsing all the Clorox bleach from my bathroom so these crazies of mine can all finally take their showers… But I missed you and thought of you and thought, “She has a blog? Did I know this before? And this woman she photographed and wrote about… Sounds beautiful!”… And here I landed.

    Here is what I felt after reading your words and seeing the photos… She exudes bravery, courageousness, a thinker of outside the box, a get-it-done kind of spirit, a sensitive and warm heart, a fun and loving soul… A graceful warrior … and all of this wrapped up in seriously stylish taste in clothing (uh… I want to own every piece of clothing she is wearing here!)… and… She is stunning.

    Thank you for such an uplifting share. So many of us are fighting demons within. So many of us just need to hear and see how others see our light shine… When we ourselves can barely see a crack in our darkness. Please hug her for me. Love to you both!

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