Newborn: Yamat Family

The beauty of a newborn session: capturing the intimate details of a family adjusting to each other, bonding, connecting; the preciousness of the newborn such as wrinkly skin, eyes adjusting to surroundings, umbilical cords, teeny fingers and toes; siblings reacting to someone new being the center of attention; baby “things” strewn throughout the house. The newborn stage is a blip on the life radar (in the midst it feels like an eternity, I hear you), and these photos are the evidence our fading memories need to spark all the feelings of wonder and adoration for those brief moments. I have a huge spot in my heart for photographs that tell a story and conjure up emotions long after.

Meet sweet Delaney. A beautiful baby girl, little sister, and daughter (that stole her daddy’s heart as evidenced in the video).











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