that’s a wrap

I have nothing profound to say to wrap up the year that just left. Nothing provocative to say to kick off a new year. It often takes these videos to kick me in the arse and remind me how much my husband and I really give to our children, and how much they give in return. Those feelings somehow, tragically, get cast aside in the wake of the everyday. The emerging of individual personalities, six people living under one roof, the constant struggles of want vs need, the self centeredness of human nature, the push to do more- see more- feel more- have more, the overwhelmingness of this social life.

But this is why I do this. I embarked on the video journey just a year ago, learning all I can and craving more. Much like my adoration of photography, it brings me back, reminds me of the things my mind just can’t keep store of. Sadly I wish I could just remember the sounds, the feelings, the places we’ve been. I’ve tried everything from journals to random notes to videos and photographs to help me relive all things precious to me. Nothing stops time. Nothing elongates it. Nothing provides more time. But these little trinkets help me hold on to the things dear. And someday, they will whisk my children back to their childhoods and will always show how deeply they are loved.

If you choose to watch, thank you. From our family to yours, here’s to a brilliant 2016 of committing love to memory. PASSWORD: december


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