Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve always tried to teach the kids to give and think of gifts that come from the heart. Yes, we do store bought gifts as well because those can be fun and very personal. The trick is to shop for the person and ignore those little voices that tell you how much you would like it 😉 Part of the teaching is to make the person at least a small part of their gift. For birthdays or get well or just because cards, they are required to make them. We buy generic gift bags and they decorate them. For family, we do a lot of photos and quick videos and try to create something very personal. It’s not always an option, but I like to give them a chance to think of something first.

Father’s Day is one of the days we spend a lot of time dreaming and playing with ideas before really narrowing down what we truly want to give. We’ve done theme days with themed meals, themed gifts, and even random assortments of things that just really mean a lot to us to give their dad. Part of this years gift was a movie where I interviewed the kids on a few questions. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to  watch. I’m biased, but they are pretty cute and just a tad hilarious 😉

Our imperfect perfect.

Password: dad16


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