about me

HI! I’m Fran!

a natural light photographer with a mad love for capturing photos that bring back memories, remind you of  a feeling and allow you a  small window to freeze time.

why journey with me?  i’m an open book. i’m uber-passionate. i love discovering the “me too’s” in new relationships. i could sit and listen to people talk for hours. i could people watch for even longer. i’m shy.i’m awkward. i just want to make beautiful things. i want to spread kindness, joy and love more than anything else. i adore my children to a fault. i love a full house. i need music for everything and all the time. i’m a little too intimate with sangria.

let’s forget about the kids being whack because that’s the best part about being a kid. let’s capture it in a way that tells the story of your family. let’s adventure together and tell the story of you. no stressing about perfect outfits or photo ready makeup. no concerns about clean houses and perfect locations. it’s not about any of that. it’s about connections, love – whether it’s been easy or hard, and about the memories being preserved.

once you get past my general awkwardness, which will undoubtedly calm your nerves, give you a few good laughs, and make you feel better about yourself, your session will be more than just a photo shoot. it will be about you reconnecting with your partner, your kids, your newborn baby, or your family. it’s a time to break down walls that are built by crazy social schedules, human stressors and time. it will be about you rediscovering parts of you, and your relationships, that you thought were long gone, quiet, dormant, or for another time. it’s about remembering, longing, sharing, touching, holding, building, talking, connecting. it will be your chance to share how you feel inside with those that you love, and about me making it come to life in the photographs.

photos are a great way to capture a moment in time, but let’s go deeper than that – let’s give you the chance to relive experiences, to fall in love, to smell your newborn baby, to feel your fingers intertwined in your lover’s hand over and over again and to hear and feel the stories that were shared within that moment in time.

i love making connections. i love relationships. i love love. and i LOVE a good STORY. and if i can combine photos in a way that makes that story come alive, transports you  in to the muse’s secret garden of love, loss, joy, pain, hopes, fears, then i’ve done what i’ve dreamed of doing.

note ::: i am not the photographer for everyone. i prefer sessions where i’m enabled and entrusted to just shoot, freely, candidly, and without boundaries. my techniques, my style, my personality may not be a fit for you or your loved ones. i don’t use “say cheese”, i’m more in love with photos where not everyone is looking or smiling and i thrive in beautiful, natural light. let’s chat and see if we are story telling soul mates.


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